Motor Repair

We provide a comprehensive diagnosis and repair service for all hydraulic motor types and brands, regardless of size, age or applied industry.

Unfortunately it is not always a straight forward task to identify the cause of damage and Seal kitsubsequent costs involved with hydraulic motors. To ensure we get this right each motor entering our premises is tested on our rig (if possible) before being stripped down and inspected.

Upon diagnosis we will be in touch to quote for the complete repair job including pressure testing upon rebuild. Alternatively depending on the damage found and economics involved we can quote for a complete new unit to the same specification ready for work.

Whether your motor requires a replacement seal kit, simply a shaft seal or replacement rotary components, we can supply and fit.


  • Wheel drive (eg. potato harvester / self propelled sprayer)
  • Augers
  • Cylinder blades
  • Conveyors
  • 360 excavator slew

Note: The majority of load holding motors will have built in braking modules or counterbalance / over-center valves to ensure creep does not occur. These components in themselves can cause loss of functionality, and therefore will also be inspected thoroughly.


Types of hydraulic motor we service:

Gear Motors


  • High speed (500 – 3500+ rpm)
  • Operating pressures (250 – 300 bar)
  • Low torque ( < 450 Nm)
  • Low efficiency due to internal linkage
  • Low cost
  • Light and compact
  • Reverse shaft rotation
  • Displacement 5cc – 100cc



Orbital / Epicyclic / Gerotor Motors

  • Low speed (5 – 60 rpm)
  • Operating pressures (250 – 300 bar)
  • High torque (> 3000 Nm)
  • High efficiency
  • Compact
  • Long life span
  • Heavy duty
  • Displacement 50cc – 1000cc



Piston Motors

  • Displacement range (10 – 4100cc)
  • Fixed or variable displacement
  • Operating pressures (200 – 400 bar)
  • High torque
  • Operating speeds (Up to 5000 rpm)
  • Radial or Axial piston configuration
  • Heavy duty