We pride ourselves in quality, lead time, cost and care taken to rebuild and repair a wideIMG_9271 range of hydraulic pumps. Having a wide range of genuine and non-genuine part suppliers close to hand we are able to offer competitive and genuine prices on all our rebuilds.

All pumps are initially stripped down, inspected and diagnosed upon arrival. Before any work is undertaken, replacement parts, labour and seals are all taken into consideration and subsequently we will quote you without 24 hours. Depending on pump condition, it may work out more cost effective to purchase a new unit. We can provide you with a cost for both options.

All our pump rebuilds are guarenteed for 6 months after been pressure and flow tested on our rig. Thus ensuring correct functionality before the unit leaves the premises. We can then return your pump via courier or visit your site to re-fit.

Pump failureWe are able to offer the following services:

  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Complete or partial pump rebuilds
  • Supply of seal kits
  • Supply of rotary internal components
  • Diagnosis and fault troubleshooting
  • Pressure regulator rebuild and tweaking


Effects of PF


In a worst case scenario all filters would replacing, the reservoir emptying and cleaning, complete circuit flush and inspection of all valves and actuators. Whether on-site and static such as a food processing line or waste baler, or a mobile application, this is a service we are able to provide. Please contact us for more details.




Gear pumps
  • Simple and economicIMG_9896
  • Range is size from 0.5cc to 200cc
  • 250 – 300 bar pressure rating
  • Small and compact
  • Fixed displacement
  • Single or multi-stage configurations

We can provide seal kits for obsolete or currently supported units. If the internal components such as the gears or chamber are worn or scoured, it is usually much more economic to replace the unit. In this case we will provide you with a quote for an exact replacement unit.

Piston pumps
  • Axial or radial configurationIMG_9899
  • Variable or fixed displacement
  • Compact units
  • 250 – 400 bar max pressure rating
  • 15 – 100 cc displacement
  • Through drive (multi-stage) configurations
  • Dynamic and diverse configurations to suit application
  • Electronically or manually compensated

Using a range of compensator types, these pumps are able to vary displacement capacity per revolution to suit the system pressure and load requirements. Load sensing, horse power and torque sensing, manual max pressure and flow compensation, and even electro-proportional compensation configurations are available on most modern pumps. As a result piston pumps offer huge advantages over fixed displacement pump in that they only supply flow when needed.

We are able to supply a wide range of parts to suit most manufacturers. From complete seal kits, to the rotating barrel / group, swash and valve plates, pistons, shoes, bearings and compensator’s.

Full in-house rebuilds with minimal lead times and thorough testing is something we pride ourselves in.