Bespoke hydraulic systems

We are well practised in the design and development of fully functioning hydraulic circuits and machines. Whether your require technical guidance or advice, concept development, Schematic2

partial or complete circuit design, schematic drawings or circuit implementation; we are confident we can bring your project to fruition.

From mobile / self propelled applications requiring hydro-static transmissions to fixed machines based on a product line; We are able to follow your design through from concept to implementation.


We are proud to provide the following:

  • Initial consultation / discussion or viewing of a machine requiring circuitry
  • Objective and function-ability requirement from user
  • Circuit diagram drawings
  • Part specification and sourcing
  • Costings
  • Building and testing

Within this process it is essential the customer is as thorough and detailed as possible of their requirements. Frequent contact is required as communication is key.



AssembledThe processes of hydraulic design:

  1. What is it you are trying to achieve?
  2. Understand your objective and requirements from the end users perspective
  3. Recognise the forces and loads your machine will be exposed too, thus allowing necessary calculations for component and actuator specifications
  4. What will drive your pump(s) (Electric motor, engine or turbine)
  5. Safety precautions
  6. Functionability
  7. Feasibility
  8. Concept and circuit design
  9. Prototyping
  10. Build
  11. Test