Power packs

Machine specific power packs are built to order based on the customers need for a reliable and specialised hydraulic pump unit. Utilising our portfolio of trusted suppliers and our own in-house manufacturing facilities we can design and manufacture bespoke power packs to operate in the harshest of environments all year round.IMG_4735 - Copy

Our power packs can come in any shape, size or form with any pressure, flow and valve configuration. Some of the specifics to consider when designing a power pack are listed below. We offer free consultation with the customer either on-site or off-site to discuss requirements.

Operating pressures
  • Actuator sizes
  • Subjected loading – impact, static or dynamic
  • Application
Flow requirements
  • Actuator operating speeds
  • Application
Power supply and drive method
  • Single phase, three phase electric motor
  • Diesel engine
  • PTO
Fixed / variable displacement pump
  • Gear, vane or axial piston pumps offering fixed displacement constant flow
  • Open or closed circuit
  • Variable displacement axial piston pump – Load sensing, pressure compensation, pressure and flow compensation, torque control, electronic or mechanical control of swash.
  • Application
  • Required fluid and subsequent properties
  • Reservoir size – Bigger tank allows for increased heat dissipation.
  • Heat exchange requirement
Valve configuration
  • Application – Actuator types, flow and pressure requirements
  • Number of sections
  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure on demand
  • Electronic control – 12vdc, 24vdc, 110vac, 240vac solenoids
  • Pilot control
  • Mechanical control
  • Service line requirements
Reservoir size

  • Application
  • Number / size of actuators
  • Available physical space
  • Heat dissipation
  • Length of pipework
  • Return line filtration
  • Pressurised filtration
  • Filter selection
  • Fluid specification
  • Application


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