NSTS Sprayer Testing

peds iphone 372The National Sprayer Testing Scheme was implemented in 2002 and currently certifies over 20,000 sprayers annually.

As every grower knows, the NSTS sprayer certification is a necessity in today’s industry.

Schemes such as the Red Tractor Crop and Fresh Produce initiatives require yearly testing of boom sprayers over 3 meters and granular applicators.

Not only does the NSTS apply to the agricultural industry, but also to horticulture, fruit growers and amenity. The latter of which covering a vast range of sites from golf courses, sports fields, railways, foot paths and highways. Anything in regular use by the public.

The test focuses on the sprayers main components:

  • Control systems (electronic or hand operated)
  • Pipe work and hosing
  • Nozzles and nozzle control
  • Chemical induction systems
  • Pumps
  • Tanks
  • Filters
  • Booms
  • Calibration of electronic systems

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