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Cylinder Ram Repair

Peter Cliff & Sons ltd / Cylinder Ram Repair

Complete In-House Repair Solutions

When it comes to faulty hydraulic cylinder rams, we have you covered. From bent rods and damaged tubes, to re-sealing and pressure testing, no job is too big. We stock over 5000 seals and a range of metric and imperial chrome rod to cover most jobs.

Our machine tools allow us to precisely turn and mill replacement chrome rods, tubes, pistons, glands and eyes to suit every ram.

Tubes and eyes are welded in-house by our ISO9606 coded welders, and every job is pressure tested before it leaves our workshop.

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  • Rod replacement and machining Up to 90mm diameter > 3 meter. Up to 300mm diameter < 1.8 meter
  • Honed & smooth bore tube replacement & machining
  • Tube welding & preparation
  • Steel supply line bending
  • Machining of custom & replacement eyes to suit
  • Pressure testing up to 350 bar
  • Quick turn-around service offered