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Peter Cliff & Sons ltd / Hydraulics

Complete In-House Repair Solutions

When it comes to faulty hydraulic cylinder rams, we have you covered. From bent rods and damaged tubes, to re-sealing and pressure testing, no job is too big. We stock over 5000 seals and a range of metric and imperial chrome rod to cover most jobs.

Our machine tools allow us to precisely turn and mill replacement chrome rods, tubes, pistons, glands and eyes to suit every ram.

Tubes and eyes are welded in-house by our ISO9606 coded welders, and every job is pressure tested before it leaves our workshop.

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  • Rod replacement and machining Up to 90mm diameter > 3 meter. Up to 300mm diameter < 1.8 meter
  • Honed & smooth bore tube replacement & machining
  • Tube welding & preparation
  • Steel supply line bending
  • Machining of custom & replacement eyes to suit
  • Pressure testing up to 350 bar
  • Quick turn-around service offered

Tailored Ram Manufacture.

Catering for one-off or batch production of single acting, displacement or double acting rams; we offer a complete design & manufacture solution tailored exactly to meet end user requirements. From initial sizing calculations to 3D modelling and BOM generation (if required), we carry the job through to machining, fabrication, testing and painting ready for dispatch. We will also work to customer drawings if provided.

Knowing the difficulties in sourcing non-obsolete replacement OEM rams with reasonable lead times, we can also offer a replication

  • Force, speed and buckling calculations
  • 3D modelling and BOM generation
  • Bespoke machining of parts
  • One-off or batch production
  • Cylinder ram “replication”
  • 12 month warranty

Hydraulic Power Packs

We design and build hydraulic power packs to suit every application, whether, mobile or static, electrical or engine driven. From smaller flow rate units running 12 or 24vdc, up to larger 3 phase 20kw units capable of high flow rates and pressures.

Using cetop manifolds and directional control valves, complexity can range from single service units, up to several individual services with a range of logic and control options.

All power packs are assembled using quality components and tested before leaving our works. Paint options are also available.

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  • 10-200 litre tank sizes
  • Fixed or variable displacement load sensing pumps
  • Electrical or engine driven
  • Return line filtration
  • Custom builds to suit pressure & flow requirements
  • Tested on completion
  • Range of tank finishes & materials available

Motor & Pump Refurbishment

We repair a range of hydraulic motors and pumps. Gerotor / orbital motors such as Danfoss OMP / OMR / OMS and M+S series units, along with other brands.

PTO pumps, fixed displacement, variable displacement swash plate pumps with load sensing and hydrostatic closed loop pumps.

Where repairs are not possible, we can supply genuine and non-genuine replacements at competitive prices.

  • Genuine & non-genuine replacements
  • In-House pump testing rig
  • Fixed displacement & variable displacement
  • Comprehensive strip down & assessment
  • Seal kit & bearing supply